Game Time Bar And Grill Football Mug Club
Join Our Mug Club

Set yourself up for discounted beer all year long! To become a member, purchase a 16oz Game Time Glass Mug for only $25. This mug can be used to purchase draft beers for $2 off each refill on any draft we offer, and your first draft upon initial purchase of your mug in on us! Exclusive Mug Club membership card must be presented to partake in promotion.* Additional Mug Club Member Perk!

Mug Club Members can order from the Happy Hour Bar Bites Menu at any time during the Mug Club promotional period.

*This promotion is for in bar use only; all mugs are kept and displayed in Game Time Bar & Grill. Not combinable with any other beverage discount or promotion. Initial draft on the house up to a $7 value. Prices & Promotion subject to change without notice.
$1 Pool Everyday